Outpatient Assessment and Diagnostic Services

We provide a consultant led services in an environment close to home, which will include, where practical, diagnostic assessment, to enable diagnosis and quick decision making in respect of agreeing a treatment plan.  This will avoid unnecessary returns to clinic and delays in the pathway.

As well as offering diagnosis, we will provide advice and options in terms of on-going management e.g. self-management, medical management, therapy management or surgical intervention, as appropriate.  We will present all options available so that patients are fully informed and able to be involved in the decision making process in respect of their care.

We will ensure that our patient pathways align with commissioning plans.

All diagnostic, medical, therapy and surgical interventions will only be provided when there is good evidence to show this is necessary.

Follow up review will only be arranged if necessary and where possible patients will be discharged with a management plan that can be administered in primary care.

As a commissioner, you can expect the outcome of all outpatient consultations to be reported back to the referring GP within 48 hours of the outpatient appointment.

Closer Healthcare has partnered with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Spire Hull and East Riding Hospitals to ensure patients requiring an elective hospital admission will have their on-going treatment undertaken by the doctor they have seen from their initial referral.