Our Partners

We have partnership arrangements in place with Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust (HEY) and any patient requiring on-going treatment that involves a hospital admission will be offered choice to have their treatment transferred there.  We also have a partnership agreement with the Spire Hospital and Humber NHS FT.

We aim to build on these partnerships to include the training and development of junior medical students and trainees.  Our staff have all a lot to offer in developing young talent by giving them an insight in to working differently, helping others to develop the right attitudes and behaviours which will only serve to improve overall delivery of patient care.

Our business is offering a solution to long standing problems associated with timely access to specialist services.  We aim to take a positive outlook in responding to the different needs of local commissioners to ensure the outcomes that are expected.

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Connexin – is one of our commercial partners.  We are working with Connexin to develop healthcare solutions involving telemedicine and health related technology to revolutionise how care is delivered.  New technology is emerging to support carers and health professionals meet the increasing demands by introducing ways of monitoring health, which will trigger referrals and improve preventative medicine.  We want to be part of the team that drives innovation to improve healthcare services.