For Patients

If you are referred by your GP to a service provided by Closer Healthcare, you will be seen by a locally based specialist and as an NHS patient and will have a choice of a number of locations where you can be seen.   All of the treatment will be free of charge.

Our aim is to bring care closer to you to make the journey and whole experience easier for you.  There is no difference in service from that provided from other providers as we only use local healthcare professionals.

If you choose one of our clinics, you will be seen by the consultant. We aim to see the majority of patients within 2 weeks of being referred to us, and all within 4 weeks and you will be able to choose the date, and time.

If you need tests – they will mostly be done during the same visit, most of the common tests will be available at the surgery.

If you need to go to a hospital for special tests or for treatment – you will have a choice of which Hospital to go to, again as part of the ‘choose and book’ process. We have a partnership agreement in place with local NHS Trusts, so should you require on-going hospital based treatment, you will be referred without delay and treated by the doctor who has seen you in clinic.