Any Qualified Provider

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) is a national programme, developed to offer patients more choice and drive up standards of care.  Patients can already choose which GP to register with and which hospital to go to for tests or treatments.  By extending choice of provider into areas where it has not previously been available, patients will be able to choose, where appropriate, from a range of qualified providers and select the one that best meets their needs.   Choice of provider is expected to drive up quality, empower patients and enable innovation.  Nationally, patients have said that they want more choice.  Importantly, extending choice of AQP provides commissioners an opportunity to improve access, address gaps and inequalities and improve quality of services.  There is also evidence that increased choice leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Closer Healthcare is able to provide a range of elective services, including outpatient consultation, investigations and interventional treatments.   Our primary aim is to work in collaboration with NHS organisations, not in competition.  Our strategy is to assist NHS reforms and drive competition, to improve the local services.  We offer innovation and high quality care, which is delivered by locally based NHS consultants.