About Us

Closer Healthcare is an organisation is in the process of converting to a community interest company. It is locally based and is aiming to build positive and successful partnership working with the local NHS commissioners and with local NHS providers for better care and improved access, outcomes and experience for all.

Closer Healthcare holds strong values that are aligned to the NHS Constitution and aim to be part of a NHS that makes healthcare more affordable and efficient.  As a private provider we can offer the public service additional capacity at a much more cost effective way.

We recognise the demands on the NHS are unsustainable and reforms are needed to protect this institution.  By working alongside commissioners, Closer Healthcare can reduce the burden placed on the NHS by supporting delivery of key services that offer value for money.

We aim to work in collaboration and not in competition with the NHS to help reduce waiting times, by giving timely access to diagnostic and assessment clinics and do this by working in partnership for the overall benefit of local healthcare provision.

We aim to introduce new technology and adopt new innovate ways to provide healthcare.  We will work in partnership to assist commissioners in their drive to reform healthcare services.