“The current NHS model of care delivery is unsustainable.  We want to be part of the system that drives NHS reforms.   We exist to support the choice agenda, promote integration, improve quality, increase access and offer value for money”.

Closer Healthcare is local to Hull and East Yorkshire and operates under the Any Qualified Provider (AQP).

It offers healthcare services to NHS commissioners, including initial diagnostic assessment outpatient appointments for a range of specialist secondary services and elective day case and inpatient treatments.

We also offer community based bed capacity to individuals requiring step down from secondary care and in need of continuing care.  This facility is suitable for individuals who may have spent some time in hospital and not yet ready to go home, or someone who is requiring end of life care.

We are an emerging organisation aiming to provide services in localities involving only locally based NHS consultants to ensure continuity of care and value for money for commissioners.

We aim to develop purposeful partnerships to increase capacity for NHS Trusts.

For further information see About Us or Contact Us to find out how we can help you deliver additional capacity cost effectively.